About Octohost

A Fresh Take on Game Server Hosting

"Why should people pay more money for a crappy, shared Minecraft server, when VPS servers are faster, and often cheaper?"

Our cofounders Elliot Gluck and Ronin Renaud pondered on this question while sitting in a Seattle area coffee shop. After doing some research into this niche industry, Elliot and Ronin decided they could do it better. All the existing hosts seemed to follow the same formula:

How to be a shared host:


Buy (or steal) a license for WHMCS software.


Rent a big server from OVH or a similar dedicated host.


Install Pterodactyl or Multicraft and a WHMCS plugin. Buy (or steal) a premade website template and call it a day.

For Elliot and Ronin, this simply wouldn't do. They believed that what gamers truly needed was a way to bridge the gap between the simplicity of shared hosting, and the speed, security, and value of a VPS. On that day Octohost was born.

Since our inception, we raised $20,000 in seed venture capital, and have since created hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of value for our customers, shareholders, and employees.